About the Guys

Ray "Bone" Warren

Being born into a musical family usually means one thing … you will have high ambitions and high ambition has been the life of Doc Holiday band member, Ray Warren. By the age of 14, Ray was playing keyboards and sang with much older musicians in the St. Louis area. In the1980’s he articulated his skills as an engineer working with local bands at just about every venue in the area.


By 1992, he was ready for the next, ambitious step. Ray moved to Branson, MO and began working with the talent in theaters there as well as Silver Dollar City. During this time in Branson, Ray met people who worked for legendary country singer, Johnny Cash. Soon after, Ray began working with John’s son-in-law, Jimmy Tittle in a theater show.


Other well known names that he worked with include Hall of Fame Members: Freddy Hart, Tom Brumley, Del Reeves and Charlie Louvin. Working as an engineer for the Branson Radio Café, a live show carried coast to coast via satellite to over 85 markets nation wide, Ray had gained a great deal of respect from peers in the industry. By 1994, Ray was beginning to make a name for himself around Branson and beyond. Word was spreading and one of country music’s great talents, Ricky Skaggs asked Ray to join his band, “Kentucky Thunder”. Logically, Ray moved to Nashville that year and spent the next sixteen months touring with Ricky Skaggs around the country. Getting to know other artist through touring with Skaggs including Allison Krause, Vince Gill, The Whites and Bluegrass legend Bill Monroe can only further his career. In 1996 Ray returned to Branson and started working with the local theaters again. He worked extensively with “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” performer, Tony Orlando during this time, along

with Pierce Arrow,

one of Branson’s biggest

draws at that time.


By 2000 Ray had decided

to take it a bit easier and returned to his roots in

St. Louis MO, once again playing music.  He has been with Doc Holiday for over

10 years and continues to perform weekly all

over the region.

Dave "Pinky" Spier

Dave was introduced to music at a very early age, while listening to the Friday Night Grand Ole Opry on the radio, and watching his dad play his old guitar. He fell

in love with country music

and dreamed of being a professional singer someday. 


By the age of twelve, Dave bought his first guitar and taught himself to play. At the age of thirteen, he was singing in local St Louis nightclubs and with the help of his father, had formed

his own band. Dave was

a shy kid, but he found

his music was where he could shine, and was quickly recognized for his talent as

a singer. He became famous

as the “little kid with the big voice”. He has been involved in the business and art of music ever since as a singer, musician, and as a  song writer. He has performed many years nationally, and has appeared as a featured musical guest on television.



"I love to sing, and I love

the expression of emotion

it conveys. Nothing is more gratifying than to know I

was able to affect the heart of someone by my words

and music." - Dave Spier

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Collin "Chubby Love" Spier
What do you get when you cross classic country music with a young man’s talent and
a passion for the drums?
Collin Spier of course… Recognizing his talent early,
his parents attempted to give him every opportunity
to pursue his interest.
Introducing Collin to music
was easy as fellow band member, Dave Spier is Collin’s dad. It wasn’t very difficult for Collin’s dad to recognize his talent even as a baby, especially when he spent
most of his time banging on pots and pans or anything
else his eyes saw. Another
clue later, is that logically,
most little kids are read fairy tales, not so in the Spier household… Collin preferred hearing “stories” from music magazines. As he grew older and read on his own, he
would read every magazine
or newspaper article that involved music that he could find. This was the beginning
of something special and his parents knew it. By the age
of four years old, Collin was
ready for the real thing and
he received his first drum set. The majority of his spare time growing up was spent in grade school bands or spending countless hours listening
to Alabama, Black Hawk,
Diamond Rio, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the rock band, Boston. Finally the time came to utilize his talent. Collin spent time furthering his love affair with the drums by playing music with his father who is a seasoned musician. Throughout his teenage years, the drums have been a top priority. Collin is only beginning…his passion for drumming is just growing stronger. As the youngest member of “Doc Holiday”,
his formative years of learning and rehearsing is obviously paying off. With Collin’s presence within the band, he brings a youthful perspective to the Classic Country genre. His presence and draw with
female fans brings with it a
new fan base to country music and is generally considered
a big part of the popularity
of “Doc Holiday."


Glenn "Guitarzan" Sies

Glenn is a unique and highly talented guitarist who has mastered a number of styles using different techniques, approaches and textures.

He spends countless hours perfecting the sounds and tones of his guitars. 


Glenn started his music career in 1974 learning to play guitar and keyboards. 

He joined his first band in 1980 and has played with many local popular bands over the years.  During that time he opened twice for Josh Gracin, National Recording Artistand American Idol Star. 


Glenn has a very strong and unique singing voice that adds a lot of detail to

vocals and high harmonies.


Glenn's love for playing guitar and entertaining

has led him to play on

stage continuously for

the past 35 years. 


He currently plays

with the band Doc

Holiday and looks

forward to every show.